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All events are dependent on weather & snow conditions.

March 07th,  2018 - General Meeting

Meetings are the first Wednesday of each month from October through April. This meeting is at the clubhouse at 12000 Scott Road. Please contact us for directions.

Season End Banquet - More details to come!



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March General Meeting

The Prince George Snowmobile Club would like to invite members, non-members and potential members to come to the Clubhouse (1200 Scott Road) March 07, 2018 for our monthly General Meeting.

An overview from the February meeting can be found under the "News" Section.

Cariboo Closures 2017/2018

Snowmobile Closures

Under the Mountain Caribou Recovery Implementation Plan, scientists recommended over one million hectares across the mountain caribou range be closed to motorized winter recreation to facilitate recovery of caribou populations. Since 2009, government has closed areas to snowmobile use across the Mountain Caribou range in order to support population recovery. The maps below show the areas open to snowmobiling and areas closed under the Wildlife Act. These maps can be viewed and downloaded. Maps are georeferenced PDFs so they can be used in mobile applications to determine your location relative to boundaries, open riding areas and trails.

For more information: http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/fw/wildlife/snowmobile-closures/

Off-Road Registration

Off-road Vehicle Registration Now Mandatory

ORV registration with number plate display is mandatory on Crown land, including resource roads. An off-road vehicle is designed for off-highway use and does not meet safety standards for on-highway use. In the event that you want to operate your off-road vehicle on a highway, you will need to register, get a plate, a license and insurance. 

For more information: http://www.icbc.com/vehicle-registration/specialty-vehicles/Pages/Off-road-vehicles.aspx